How to open a support ticket?

14 Dec

What is support ticket?

Normally, you can contact some company via e-mail – you send a message, and you get a reply. This works good, but when there is more customers – support staff may be confused.

To provide better support, we use Support Tickets – you describe the problem on our website, and send the form so there is created a ticket with a unique ID. You’ll be notified by email everytime your ticket has changed – example when our support staff reply.

As long as your issue is resolved, your ticket will be open – and because all conversation’s messages will be in the same place.

For any query regarding any hosting plans or services please contact us at the following touch points. Our representatives will be delighted to get back to you within a minimum time frame.

How to open a support ticket at Doze Host?

Step 1 : Login to client area

Step 2 : Click on open ticket menu and, write your subject with problem description including screenshot if you have any.

Step 3 : Submit your problem and, you will get reply from support desk. if you have any other reply you can reply easily thread by thread as like messaging.


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