How to Add Domain Reseller Fund?

21 Jan

Step 1 : Please first check out our domain reseller price at our website. If you don’t have domain reseller account with us please signup here.

Step 2 : Send Payment to bKash / Bank. You will find bKash / Bank Information’s here. note that, domain reseller’s minimum deposit is 3060 BDT. you can use it anytime.

Step 3 : After payment open ticket in our client area billing department ( Don’t forget to include your bKash sending number, trxID, Payment Amount also your reseller ID / Email.

Step 4 : Pleas wait for fund confirmation email. After getting the confirmation you can order domain at your domain panel and it will be active instantly.

Note : We suggest always to add fund in advance. So, you don’t have to wait or, spend time to add fund. you can order and active instantly if you add your fund in advance.

Also, Domain price is in Dollar. you have to Multiply it with 80 TK per dollar.

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