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$9.75/1st yr

TK 799/1st yr

$12.20/1st yr

TK 1000/1st yr

$12.20/1st yr

TK 1000/1st yr

$60.00/1st yr

TK 5100/1st yr

$40.00/1st yr

TK 3280/1st yr

$18.98/1st yr

TK 1550/1st yr

Choosing a domain name goes
beyond a name.

We are committed to helping you get the perfect domain.
There is also more in store as you get started

Geo-location Domains
Now, your customers will know where you are located with this domain, for example refers Indian region.
Huge Selection
Even with a myriad of options at your disposal, we'll help you find a creative domain name that will help your site stand out.
Domain Privacy
With the best security features at your disposal, keep your personal data hidden from identity thieves and possible spammers.
Lightning-fast search
Find the perfect domain name for your business among a vast array of options available in lightning speed.
Connect with customers
Now you can reach a larger audience worldwide by choosing a unique domain name that will make your business discoverable.
Theft Protection
With our world class security infrastructure which is monitored by security professionals round the clock, your domain is always safe.

Unique domains
at competitive prices

Getting a popular domain is the first step in getting your business online to the right audience. However, it shouldn't be at a huge cost to your pocket neither should it be difficult to manage. That's why we've taken the burden off you.

Get domain privacy

Your safety is of utmost importance to us that's why we'll go the length to protect your data. For a small token, you can safeguard your private data from being displayed publicly on the WHOIS database

3,336 Domain Extensions

Compare the prices of every domain extension from 53 registrars.

LTD Register Renewal Transfer
No result
.com $9.75 $12.19 $12.19 TK 799 TK 1000 TK 1000
.net $12.20 $12.20 $12.20 TK 1000 TK 1000 TK 1000
.info $15.85 $15.85 $15.85 TK 1300 TK 1300 TK 1300
.org $12.20 $12.20 $12.20 TK 1000 TK 1000 TK 1000
.xyz $1.18 $14.70 $14.70 TK 100 TK 1250 TK 1250
.biz $17.65 $17.65 $17.65 TK 1500 TK 1500 TK 1500
.io $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 TK 3400 TK 3400 TK 3400 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 TK 2125 TK 2125 TK 2125
.digital $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 TK 3400 TK 3400 TK 3400

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Very Simple, We have online Payment Gateway, you can pay using debit / credit card in Bangladesh. We have Paypal payment gateway for International Customers. Also we have mobile banking like bKash etc. visit

Search our Knowledgebase first, visit here, if you failed to find your answer you have to open support ticket. Remember that, you will never get support via Phone call, as we have to check technical issues we can't solve it while talking. Login to Doze Host Portal area then click on open ticket, write your subject with problem description including a screenshot.

We use Enterprise Grade Server hardware. At least of DUAL XEON CPU, 64GB to 128GB RAM, 40-56 Core CPU etc. We are not Reseller, We provide from own Dedicated Server. Location: USA, Bangladesh is now operational, and, more locations are coming soon. stay with us!

Yes, We provide 30 Days Moneyback guarantee without any question asked!

Yes you can upgrade your package from Starter to Any Package, You can downgrade as well before New Billing Date. We are very flexible in that cases.