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What to do when hosting got suspended for Malware Attack

Last Update: June 1, 2020

Almost 75% of Web Hosting users face this issue once in a lifetime or, more. Due to malware attack or, potential hack, web hosting companies suspend your hosting and, ask to clean the hosting and, malware if you want it back.

First of all, ask the malware report or, possible scripts that are infected. Ask for hosting reactivation and, take a full backup of files and, database. Don’t use cPanel full backup, just zip the files manually.

After that, open the infected files and remove the malware codes, dont delete the file but open the files and clean the hash codes if any or, unusual codes. Download a fresh copy of WordPress from and, replace wp-admin and, wp-includes folder and, root files (without wp-config file). If you have a fresh copy of your theme, replace it with a fresh copy. beware that, custom codes will be lost if you customized your theme. otherwise, clean the files manually one by one.

After cleaning the files install WordFence and, scan the full website.