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Reseller Hosting cPanel accounts billing

Last Update: February 19, 2021

Here we will explain Reseller Hosting cPanel account usage billing, as cPanel has increased their prices several times and, it’ll be too expensive for Reseller hosting users to bear cPanel costs when buying the reseller. so we decided to charge them as per usage after the billing period.

example, you may bought a Reseller Hosting with a limit of 15 user accounts, but you actually using 5 accounts. so why do you pay for extra accounts you aren’t using. thats exactly what i’m trying to say and, we won’t charge you extra. but, as we don’t know how much you will use so we decided to charge the cPanel bill after the billing period, if you are a monthly user we will charge you cPanel bill next month, same goes for yearly, we will charge you next year.

Current cPanel price is 0.34$ (29.75 Tk) / per cPanel/per month.

so if you use 10 cPanel, your monthly cPanel bill will be 297.50 Tk. if you are a yearly user your cPanel bill be 3570 Tk. now you can calculate yourself easily and, you will know how much you will be charged in next billing.  still if you don’t understand the matter feel free to contact with us anytime via email, support ticket or, hotline.