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How to Fix Hosting suspended for Email Spamming

Last Update: June 1, 2020

Lots of users face the issue “hosting suspended for email spamming”, most of them say I don’t know anything about it, and, in 99% case, user’s are right. they really don’t know and don’t have any idea about how they spam.

First of all, you got hacked.
and, hacker put malware files which are sending spam emails.
or, you have a crack theme or, a plugin that has malware files sending spam emails.

Hosting provides has no other way to suspend the account because it will continue spamming if unsuspended. Get the spam report or, malware list from the hosting company and, request for unsuspension and, clean the files immediately. if you are late, it will start spamming again and, you will be suspended again.

if you don’t know how to clean malware or, hack codes hire any security Developer or, Hire Doze Host security expert.

if you find any usual files that don’t come with WordPress distribution delete them. check your theme files and if there is any other file without your theme file, delete them. scan using WordFence and, clean the malware files.