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How to get rid of DMCA copyright infringement

Last Update: June 3, 2020

If you are an Internet user you must have heard of DMCA, which means Digital Millennium Copyright Act. DMCA protects Digital Intelectual Property, and they make the internet safe. They can take down any website or, webpage if you make any valid complaint or, anyone requests to takedown any website.

If you use any copyrighted material without permission or, without any legal way, property owners can request to DMCA to take down your website. that is why Datacenter takes action against the server owner and, the server owner takes action against the cPanel account owner.

there is no way to get rid of this problem without removing the exact URL or, data. DMCA Complaint email must have the URL or, file URL which they request to delete from your end. you have to take action within 24 hrs and, takedown as soon as possible, otherwise, your IP will be blocked and, the server will be shut down immediately.

If your hosting provider suspends your account due to DMCA copyright infringement, request to unsuspend your hosting and delete the website or, file URL that caused the issue. It doesn’t matter if you have the copyright material by yourself or, your website has been hacked. you have to take down that specific content/media / URL.

Not every time you will get copyright issues, sometime you may get cryptocurrency abuse complaint, video material, Drugs related content, betting content, etc. whatever it is remove asap.